Reimagining the Future

Reimagining the Future

I recently read an article entitled "What if we Radically Reimagined the New School Year?" by Ashley McCall. The author eloquently helps us rethink what the function and outcomes for education could be within this new COVID reality. I found myself inspired and left thinking what more could we do to reimagine education?

Our ability to reimagine the possibilities in this era will determine how far we can go and how much positive change we can create. Significant change is required for our country to live up to the ideals it proclaims to uphold. 

As referenced in the article, the idea of making education more about life and solving real, "now time" problems is radical and stirring. But first, we need to help young people understand WHO they are, not just put them on a path to figuring out what it is they want to DO in their life, particularly as a profession. We are human beings not human doers! If all young people, especially black and brown students from marginalized communities know who they are, they can embrace their true power. They can confront and disrupt the narrative that says they are anything other than great. Can we reimagine a world where teaching this in school is a part of the student learning experience?  Can we embrace the concept of supporting the personal development of our youth and building their ability to know and tell their story?  This is where reimagining begins for myGPS.

Our youth are the K.E.Y.S. (Knowing and Empowering Yourself Successfully) to their own future. myGPS helps them turn the key to unlock their future, a future we are reimagining each day. Let's work together to make that what is ahead, is better than what was.

Ms. McCall, thank you for this gem of inspiration!  I hope the dreams you've shared will soon become a reality along with those of the myGPS team.

myGPS Reimagines the Future
-by Erica L. Harris