They don't teach you this...

myGPS provides an experience that our education system is currently lacking. We focus on the future that young adults want for themselves. First, by exploring who they are and what they want to become. This approach has proven to be effective in aligning their personal vision with better choices, goals and actions...resulting in greater academic, professional and personal fulfillment. 

myGPS Workshops

"What is your brand? How do you wish to be seen in the world? What are your core values? How do you believe others perceive you?" In this session, we explore the answers to these questions...diving deep into your brand identity.

This session works hand in hand with our Personal Narrative + Brand Workshop. We create a visual representation of the outlook you have for your life. We then discuss how you can execute your vision within your day to day life.

Here is where our personal narratives meet with challenge. This is an intimate session where we discuss how to confront and overcome obstacles. This is a safe space where students can share and be vulnerable. 

In this workshop, we go through a series of mock interviews. The goal is to tell your passions, goals and aspirations remarkably and with a source of authority. We give students tools to stand out from the crowd when interviewing with top corporations...prepping them for a future of success.

Landing your dream job is only half the battle. Here we prepare young adults to excel in their chosen careers, as well as, how to navigate the workplace effectively and successfully. The focus is career growth, job retention, and personal development. 


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